• Cedar Mountain Middle School/High School

    Friday, May 24th



     Track practice at Sleepy Eye.  Bus leaves at 3:25.

     Baseball practice at Redwood.  Bus leaves at 3:25.            

     Golf practice at the Mayflower.  Bus leaves at 3:25. 


    Middle School/High School:


                We are totally out of PBIS water in the MS/HS Office for the year.  Thank you to all who purchased

                water!  If you need water, please bring your own each day for the last few days of school.  


     Overdue library books were due YESTERDAY, May 23rd.  These need to be returned or you will be



                6th Grade: Harley, Tristan (3), Jaliea, Carlie, Kayson, Chase, Alexis, Mary, Rolicia (2), Grady (2), 

                Alana, and Ylo.


                 7th Grade:  Ashlyn and Connor


                 8th Grade:  Rodney and Peyton


                 9th:  Mylana, Asher, Ambrosia, Zach, Aubrey, James and Marlie.


                10th:  Colton, Nick, Zeke, Hank (2), Dani (2), Aiden, Todd, Daniel (3), Cayden,  

               Lilly, Wyatt, Lennon and Hudson.  


                11th:  Daveon (2), Aidan, Jake, Gabe, Bremmen, Blake St, Miranda, Albert M, Blake Sch, and Derek W.


                12th:  Connor, Tyler, Karma (4), Rachel, Lovisa, and Dante.



              Dress/Appearance Code

    1. Dress for school.  Students are expected to wear appropriate clothing.  
    2. Attire that is unsafe, unhealthy, disruptive, offensive to generally accepted community standards, or obscene is prohibited. No blankets will be allowed. 
    3. Gang related clothing, jewelry, tattoos, markings etc. are not allowed in school.  Bandanas and chains are not allowed in school.  
    4. Clothing, jewelry and personal property must not have inappropriate or suggestive slogans, words, pictures, alcohol or tobacco advertisements, etc.    
    5. Tank tops or other sleeveless tops/dresses must completely cover undergarment straps.  Not allowed: spaghetti straps, halter-tops, strapless shirts, transparent materials   
    6. No midriffs or cleavage or area below armpit may be exposed at any time during school hours or at school activities.  
    7. All dresses, shorts, and skirts cannot be shorter than mid-thigh while sitting or standing.  Torn or low-hanging pants/shorts/skirts that expose skin or undergarments above the 4-inch rule (described above) are not allowed.  
    8. Hats and head coverings that do not hinder the learning environment can be worn by students in grades 9-12. Teachers reserve the right to ask a student to remove a hat within the classroom. Hoods are not to be worn during school hours with the strings cinched shut or hindering view of the face 
    9. Sunglasses are not to be worn over eyes or on top of heads in the school building during the school day.  
    10. Shoes must be worn at all times. SLIPPERS ARE NOT TO BE WORN IN SCHOOL.  
    11. For reasons of safety and health, special dress and grooming regulations may be required in shops, PE, science classes, etc…  
    12. For special events like field trips, dances, banquets, commencement, etc., appropriate dress is required.  
    13. Students will receive an Unexcused Absence from any class period missed while obtaining acceptable clothing.     
    14. Any questions should be forwarded to administration.  


    Candy for sale in HS/MS office after school.  $2 each.  Peanut M&Ms, M&Ms, Rolo, and Skittles.    


               Yearbooks can be purchased through buytheyearbook.com with MS/HS ID: 715300.  The deadline to

               order is May 30th!   







     CORRECTION: One lucky student from each county not each school. 



    Looking for a summer job?  Both the Sleepy Eye Family Aquatic Center and the Springfield Community Pool are currently seeking additional applications for lifeguards and certified water safety instructors (WSI certified)!  Both full-time seasonal and part-time seasonal positions are available.  If interested, please head out to a website and fill out the application!  Sleepy Eye website: https://www.sleepyeye-mn.com/family-aquatic-center.html.  Springfield website: https://www.springfieldmn.org/recreation/pages/community-swimming-pool.


    Guetter Driver’s Ed Classes:  One of the instructors had to cancel a class in June due to health reasons.  There are some classes in the area that students can be put on a waiting list for as each class has a 30 student limit:  1) Springfield:  May 28th through June 7th from 8 am to 11 am.  2) Wabasso: June 10th through June 21st from 8 am to 11 am; and 3) Tracy: July 29th through August 9th from 9 am to 12 pm.  You can also Google MN DVS or MN Driver’s Ed for more options.