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    Name:  Mrs. Peggy Mages
    Technology Coordinator


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    K-5 classes come to computer at least twice a week.  We start keyboarding in the second grade.  We use a web-based keyboarding curriculum called The SECRET to Successful Keyboarding.  The programs they use to keep practicing their skills they learn is Microsoft Word 2007, Libre Office, power-point, some excel for graphing, if we have time we try to practice with online typing games.
    Some of the classroom teachers are teaching the students about Wikis, how to put their reports into a power point format.  The 4th grader will do their Native American Projects in power point if we have time after they have their report finished.  3rd graders will use Microsoft Word 2007 for their Endangered Species report.  We were hoping to have an email account for the students so they can type reports and so forth at home even if they don't have the Office program but students 13 yrs. and under can't legally have an email account without their parent's permission and it gets a little complicated so we haven't initiated this in the elementary.
    Libre Office is a free word processing program you can download for free.  We have it installed on the elementary mobile lab as well as in the computer lab.  You can download this at home if students are having troubles typing a project at home because of the word processing programs not being compatible with the school's programs. Libre office is compatible with the Office program we have here at school.
Last Modified on December 18, 2012