• Alissa Steve
    Teacher: Mrs. Alissa Steve
    Email: asteve@cedarmt.org      


    As a Technology Integration Specialist I assist
    teachers in finding new ways to incorporate
    technology into their classrooms.  I serve as
    a resource to help staff research and implement
    new technology into daily lessons district wide.
    Mrs. Steve's Schedule:
    Monday, Thursday       Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
    Elementary School       Middle/High School
    in Franklin                       in Morgan
    Cedar Mountain                    Cedar Mountain
    Elementary School                 Middle/High School
    PO Box 38                                PO Box 188
    231 4th Ave. East                    207 Gallager St.
    Franklin, MN 55333                  Morgan, MN 56266
    Phone: (507) 557-2251          Phone: (507) 249-5880