• Coaching Experience:

    This is my third year coaching at CMC Danceline 

    Performance Experience: 

    As a student I was a member of a pom-pom squad as a senior and I was in dance outside of school.

    Why was participating in high school sports important to me?

    I was very involved as a high school student in extra-curricular activities. I was on the Cheerleading team from 7th grade thru 12th grade which consisted of cheering and dancing during games.  I was also involved in many other activities at the same time which allowed me to learn time management skills that I still use today.  I was a role model for younger students also and a face in the community that was recognizable.

    Why should a student participate in a sport I coach?

    I love working with the students and watching them grow.  Not only do I help them learn I also allow them to do some of the learning on their own with guidance that is there if and when they need it.