• School Philosophy


    The purpose of our school is to provide a comprehensive educational program to motivate, to stimulate, and to inspire students toward the full development of their capacities. The school should promote the intellectual, emotional, ethical, moral, and physical well-being and nurture the creative process of each student. An educational environment conducive to learning and in which the principles of democracy and the responsibilities of freedom may be best learned should be provided.


    We Believe-

    • In the development of the whole child

    • A global perspective is essential for growth and survival

    • A supporting and caring environment promotes learning

    • Each person can learn, wants to learn, and has the right to learn

    • Learning is a lifelong process

    • Expectations influence performance

    • Working cooperatively is essential

    • Self-esteem affects personal development

    • Diversity enriches society

    • Each person is unique, valuable, and deserving of respect



    "Together Helping Others, Do More, Be More!"