• How to reach students: 18 simple ways to make a lasting impact!

    1.  Make them curious.
    2.  Model macro-thinking.
    3.  Tell stories.
    4.  Know what to overlook.
    5.  Set them up to surprise themselves.
    6.  Make them feel on even ground when you speak.
    7.  Acknowledge and honor emotions.
    8.  Show trust.
    9.  Compliment them (authentically).
    10.  Recognize nuance.
    11.  Go out of your way to speak to them outside of class.
    12.  Model the challenging of convention.
    13.  Be honest.
    14.  See through their behavior and academic performance.
    15.  Convince them that they can.
    16.  Be human.
    17.  Take extra time.
    18.  Establish a relationship.