Parent Committee Information

Cedar Mountain American Indian Education and Activities, is seeking involvement with our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). We normally meet 2 - 3 times a year, for about 60 minutes each. Meetings are held in the early evenings in which we go over budgets, programming, activities and assessments. The PAC looks at what we've been doing, what we're currently doing and what do we want to do. 
As of the last few years, it's been a challenge to maintaining a full functioning PAC. We have some great things going on in our district and we're close to 80, K-12 AI students. All of these students rely on a functioning education system intertwined with district responsibilities, program responsibilities and responsibilities from our families and students. The PAC acts as the bonding that connects all of these components together with culture as the foundation. The PAC is always advocating for the future of our AI students. It's a very rewarding responsibility, which doesn't require a great deal of time. Please give this great consideration.
          Rebekah Gregg 
          (507)557-2251 Ext. # 213 
          (507)249-5990 Ext. # 108