Indian Education / Minnesota Department of Education

What is World's Best Work Force (WBWF)- Native American Education Plan?
The Success for the Future Grant has been eliminated for a much better funding process. 2016-17 is our first year with this new program funding. This funding will be distributed every year to go toward 4 main items.
1. Our third graders need to be reading at the third grade level.
2. Work on the achievement gap between our AI students and the Non-native Students.
3. Work on our graduation rate which we we have a positive trend going.
4. Career and College readiness. 
Who can qualify for WBWF NA Plan?
The minimum eligibility requires that if a student has at least one grandparent eligible to be enrolled or who is enrolled with a Federally Recognized Tribal Organization, the student is eligible. And so on, if a student has a parent or the student themselves are enrolled they are eligible.