• Hello and welcome to Health and Physical Education.
    My name is Mr. Krueger (pronounced like Kr-ee-ger) and I am new to Cedar Mountain. I am the Health and Physical Education teacher at the MS/HS. I am extremely excited to begin my teaching career at a school such as CM. I have heard about and experienced nothing but wonderful things involving the school, students, and community. If I haven't met you yet, you can find me at most sporting events, band/choir concerts, plays, and other extracurricular events. I pride myself in giving 110% towards my school, students, and community.
    A little about myself: I graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead (Go Dragons!) with a degree in Health and Physical education as well as an emphases in Developmentally Adaptive Physical Education (DAPE). In my free time you can find me doing any sort of activity outside whether that means playing baseball, soccer, football, golf, running, spikeball or hunting. I am an avid hunter when the Fall months come around as well as an extreme ice-fisherman when the lakes freeze over. It is safe to say that if I can be outside, I will make every effort to be outside.
    I look forward to this coming school year and am very excited for the new experiences and adventures that I will face. I seek the opportunity to meet with anyone and get to know the community. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at my email: kkrueger@cedarmt.org 
    Thank you and lets have a wonderful year!!!