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    Under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA)-federal special education means “specially designed instruction, at no cost to the parent, to meet the unique needs of a student with a disability.”  In special education, services are provided by licensed personnel and include teaching materials and techniques.  There are specific criteria for eligibility in each disability area.  Eligibility criteria are set by the state and students must meet eligibility criteria when they are evaluated in order to receive special education services.

    Specialized instruction will then be provided in the student’s individual area(s) of special need.  These areas of need can include any of the following:

    Reading                                   Communication skills

    Writing                                    Organizational skills

    Math                                       Social skills

    Self-help skills                         Behavioral skills

    Transition skills                        Motor skills

    The role of the special education teacher in providing individualized, specially designed instruction is to:

    ·         Determine how the student’s disability affects progress in the general education curriculum

    Implement specially designed instruction to address the areas that limit the student’s ability to progress in the general education curriculum
    Monitor the student’s progress and the effectiveness of the specially designed instruction
    Collaborate with general education teachers to provide relevant adaptations, accommodations and modifications to the general education curriculum

    Special education is not for the rehabilitation for a physical disability, a cure for the disability, an assurance that your student will pass general education classes or for tutoring in general education courses/homework help.

    What you can do if you have concerns for your student’s performance in school before making a referral for a special education evaluation:

    ·         Contact the general education teacher(s) to discuss your concerns and ask what you and the teacher can do to help your student.

    ·         Contact your student’s school counselor to discuss possible interventions to help your student. 

    ·         If you have tried these above steps and still have continuing concern, you can request that your student be placed on the agenda of the Problem Solving Team in the Middle School.  This team develops interventions and tracks the progress and effectiveness of the intervention.

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