•  Cedar Mountain Public Schools

    We just can’t hide that Cedar Mountain PRIDE!!!






    Prepared: Being ready for what you are trying to accomplish.  By being prepared for your classes/activities, you will have the opportunity to learn and achieve more.  Prepare yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally for success at school.
    Respectful: To show a high or special regard or esteem.  You get what you give: When you are respectful to yourself and others, you earn their respect.  Remember that all staff and students of Cedar Mountain Middle and High School are people, just like you!
    Integrity: Adhering to a code of morals.  You are responsible for many choices each day, some morally right and some wrong. By making good choices (however hard they may be), you are influencing others to do the same.  Trust goes hand-in-hand with integrity.
    Disciplined: Displaying self control. You have the choice of how your day will go, the relationships you maintain, and the outcomes that you can expect.  Keep your eye on the prize!

    Excellence: Achievement of the highest level.  Academic, Behavioral, and Social Excellence are developed as a combination of being prepared, being respectful, and showing integrity and discipline in all situations.